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Published 2017-04-21 08:52:37

- High Rigidity Big Bore Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe

Zhengzhou Jiesheng Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of heavy-duty horizontal lathes, heavy-duty vertical lathes, CNC vertical lathes, CNC horizontal lathes, milling machines, boring machines, drilling machines, single-column vertical lathes, double column vertical lathes and so on. We have 20 years of experience in heavy machinery manufacturing and have a good reputation in this field. Our products have won praise from customers worldwide.

Big bore heavy duty horizontal lathe adopt 1600mm wide rectangular induction hardened and ground bed guide-ways. Big bore heavy duty horizontal lathe is suitable for various turning works, such as turning of external and internal cylindrical surfaces, end faces, turning of mertic or inch threads, modular threads and diametrical pitch threads, etc.

Features of big bore heavy duty horizontal lathe:
Excellent stability, high rigidity, and with maximum bearing of 12 tons between centers;
The main spindle of the machine is precision roller bearings, 3-point supporting structure;
Rotating tailstock quill structure to minimize friction and heat generation;
Motorized short taper turning could be done by the top slide independently, and long taper motorized turning could be done by top slide combined with longitudinal feed.

Specification of big bore heavy duty horizontal lathe:

Working range
Max.swing over bed mm 2000
Max.swing over carriage/tool post mm 1600
Center height mm 1030
Width of bed (Three lathe beds) mm 1600
Max.length of workpiece between two centers mm 8000 in stock now.
Max.weight of workpiece between centers ton 32
Max.torque of face plate kg.m 8000
Max.cutting capacity of independent tool post kg 9000
General cutting capacity kg 16000
Cone point angle of center and specification 75°;120 (taper1:7)
Section dimension of tool shank ( H×W ) mm 70×70
Progression of spindle speed Stepless
Range of spindle speed r/min 0.8~120
Taper bore in spindle mm 120 (taper1:7)
Diameter of chuck mm 2000
Knife rest
Step. No of feed step 18
Range of longitudinal feed mm/r 0.125-48
Range of cross feed mm/r 0.063-24
Feed range of tool slide compound mm/r 0.063-24
Longitudinal rapid traverse speed mm/min 3000
Cross rapid traverse speed mm/min 1500
Max.travel of cross slide mm 725
Max.travel of upper tool rest mm 600
Metric thread (thread pitch) mm 2-40
Inch thread mm 1-14
Module thread mm 1.5-20
Diameter of tailstock sleeve mm 300
Traversing capacity of sleeve mm 300
Rapid traverse of tailstock mm/min 3000
Rapid traverse of sleeve mm/min 664
Center rest
Support diameter of close center rest mm 400-750
Support diameter of open center rest mm 650-1200
Transmission power
Power and speed of main motor kw 75
Knife rest of feed and rapid traverse motor kw 1.5
Tailstock move motor power kw 1.5
Tailstock sleeve move motor power kw 1.5
Power and speed of lubricating pump of headstock kw 1.5
Machine Size & Weight
Size: Length×Width×Height mm 13150×2479×2680
Weight (about) tons 50
Note: It needs 2 x 40 feet high container is ok when delivery.
Main Technical Performance Indexes
Working Accuracy
Roundness mm 0.030
Cylindricity mm 0.030/500
Planeness mm 0.025/300
Surface roughness of finish-turning excircle Ra3.2um
Geometric Precision
Radial runout of spindle mm(root) 0.025
Axial movement of spindle
mm 0.025
Noise of machine tool (A) ?85
Other precision of machine tool executes in accordance with JB/T3663.3--1999
Execution standard
1. GB/T9061-2006 Metal-cutting machine tool General technical specification

2. JB/T9874-1999 Metal cutting machine assembly General technical specification

3. JB/T3663.3-1999 Heavy-duty horizontal lathe Precision
4. GB5226.1-2002 Mechanical safety mechanical and electrical equipment
Standard Accessories
1. 4-jaws chuck Piece 1
2. Knife rest Piece 1
2. Close steady rest (Center rest) Piece 1
3. Open steady rest (Supporter roller) Piece 1
4. Center Piece 2
5. Chuck wrench Piece 1
6. Tool post wrench Piece 1
7.Tool-post pressure plate Piece 2
7. Lubricating oil gun Piece 1
8. Leveling bolts Set 43
9. Foundation bolts Set 43
10. Hexagon spanner 6# Piece 1
11. Hexagon spanner 8# Piece 1
12. Hexagon spanner 10# Piece 1
13. Hexagon spanner 12# Piece 1
14. Hexagon spanner 14# Piece 1
15. Hexagon spanner 17# Piece 1
16. Hexagon spanner 19# Piece 1
17. Hexagon spanner 24# Piece 1

Should Jiesheng big bore heavy duty horizontal lathe be of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will response to you as soon as possible.

Homepage/ www.cnlathe.com
E-mail/ Eric@cnlathe.com

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High Rigidity Big Bore Heavy Duty Horizontal
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2017-04-21 08:52:37
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