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Published 2017-05-19 11:36:23

- How to Prevent Truck Scale Fracture and Collapse?

Zhengzhou Huaxin Electronic Weighing Apparatus Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer on weighing apparatus which has been exported to abroad for many years. The main product is electronic weighing apparatus, including truck scale, weighbridge, weighbridge truck scale, waterproof weighing scale, platform scale, tcs electronic platform scale, floor scale, crane scale, ocs crane scale, digital bluetooth hanging scale, etc.

Truck scale consists of U-shaped steel scale body, eight special weight sensors and a dedicated weighting indicator, and is equipped with junction box featuring surge resistance.

Huaxin truck scale integral structure rigidity, high strength, no distortion, no water, effectively prevents the scale of fracture and collapse. Selects the high quality coatings, weighing platform and beautiful, is not easy to rust and distortion, can reason strong waterproof and moisture proof. Long service life, high return on investment. U-shaped truck scale using bridge design concept, the advantages of reasonable structure, stable quality, easy to exchange. At the same time in terms of security, dustproof, and maintenance done a lot of improvement, effectively improve the safety and reliability.

Truck scale is widely used in inventory measurement, production monitoring and data management of ports, factories, mixing stations, garages, storage terminals, workshops, warehouses and other places.

Huaxin offer 80 ton truck scale, 60 ton truck scale, Mettler Toledo truck scale and other electronic truck scale. If you need any kinds of truck scale, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will offer you our best service.

Homepage/ www.hxtruckscale.com
E-mail/ hxscale@hxtruckscale.com

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Post your free ad - FREE CLASSIFIEDS - How to Prevent Truck Scale Fracture and Colla
How to Prevent Truck Scale Fracture and Colla
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2017-05-19 11:36:23
Post your free ad - FREE CLASSIFIEDS - How to Prevent Truck Scale Fracture and Colla