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Published 2014-11-27 15:29:53

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Anti-counterfeiting technology is a cross-edge science, anti-forgery related to optical mixture of ink - security ink Stealth - barcode printers special invisible ink - barcode printers special security inks, chemistry, physics, electromagnetism, computer technology, spectrum technology, printing technology , Digital printing technology, packaging technology and many other fields.

In the past, our anti-counterfeiting technology is limited to government, banking, customs, taxation, economic, social and public security departments, such as the production of passports, travel documents, money and securities, and so on. Now, with the market economy and the rapid development of commodity production, trade marks and logo printing, packaging products are becoming increasingly upscale, and the safety of fine (with the requirements of the security features). At present, more widely used by several anti-counterfeiting technology, has its own advantages and disadvantages, both in the use of certain conditions and within the scope of application, can play a role in the security and effectiveness.

When compared with the domestic application of a wide range of several anti-counterfeiting technology are:
1. To paper-based anti-counterfeiting technology
In the product trademark, logo and packaging as well as a large number of tickets on the use of the paper is based on a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology.
2. With ink-based anti-counterfeiting technology
The so-called anti-counterfeit ink, the ink in the compound by adding a special link of the security properties of materials, with a special processing technology from the special printing ink.
3. Bills special security printing technology
In the printing process for color coating and coating in the process of the realization of the printing, production of invoices have very strict allocation of joint.
4. Other. . .
Products from the anti-counterfeiting capabilities, is currently widely used anti-counterfeit ink in the following 10 categories: ultraviolet fluorescent ink, with different color ink spectrum, anti-intelligent ink, or multi-function integrated security ink (plus laser holographic anti-counterfeiting fluorescent ink, with the angle Harmonia ink).
To ink-based anti-counterfeiting technology used in the main ticket, trademark, logo and packaging; At the same time, it also notes countries in the preferred means of security. Such anti-counterfeiting technology is characterized by simple, low-cost, well hidden, colorful, easy test, to reproduce strong color and variety, and so on.
In the packaging design of the selection of anti-counterfeiting technology to combat counterfeit and imitation is the trend of the times that the goods should be before the world that is in the process of packaging products, using pre-high-tech measures to resist the flow of goods into the area after the risk of producing counterfeit Those attacks.

According to the Group Leader of the security products invisible ink, can play an effective and reliable supplier and distributor between the anti-mixture of ink.
Invisible Ink is divided into red and blue both stealth, stealth technology for the production of red ink unique to our company. Invisible ink to use red fluorescent light under the anti-irradiation using anti-surfaced character traits; is a high-security requirements of the ink.
On the one hand, so that those who follow imitation software products in general can hardly produce a similar effect on the other hand, even if it is to use the same software is also difficult to counterfeit.

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Barcode printers special invisible ink
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2014-11-27 15:29:53
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